Test Samples & Discreet Packaging

Pharmacy Discreet Packaging


Yes! at Alpha Global Health MartⓇ we do provide samples as well on all qualified orders i.e ( bulk orders of 50 or more grams on our Chem products or a bulk order of 1000+ pills), all depending on what products you are buying. Once payments for your qualified bulk order have been made, we will ship your order alongside an additional 1 Extra sampler gram for any of our chem products of your choice and for our pills 4 or 5 Extra samplers pills of your choice on the side in a sampler bag separately but contained in within your main bulk order package as a humble gesture of a “test-sample” just for you to test and try out the product before opening up the main bulk order package. Once you’ve received your package, test the sample gram or pills in the separate sampler bag before opening up the main bulk order package, and If you are not fully satisfied with the taste and quality of our products please kindly send back the un-opened Main bulk order package “as received”, and you shall be fully refunded instantly!

Discreet Packaging!

Alpha Global Health MartⓇ comprehends that you need to get your medication as fast as could be with 100% Strictly Discreet Pharmacy Grade Packaging. Our services are so fast that if you order our items today within soonest as desired all depending on what delivery rate and speed you chose upon checkout. We as well offer FREE Standard Delivery benefit on all qualified orders or for those individuals who are glad to hold up for a longer period and don’t have any desire to pay any extra special conveyance charges.


We’ll always make sure that you get discreet packaging of all our products, we use carbon wraps and aluminum foil paper in packaging the content of your package, the combo of the 2 wraps does the trick to blind the scanner’s sensor and prevents it from detecting the content of packages which shows up as a blank reading on the scanner’s package content detector so you don’t have to worry about anything embarrassing. We know that when you make an order for condoms, lubricants or sex toys you don’t want everyone knowing about it! Same as here At Alpha Global Health Mart , every order you make is discretion assured – that means completely unmarked packaging. We’ve even included a couple of images of two orders, ready to ship, so you know exactly what to expect when you order from us.



Discreet Drop is a Buffalo-based startup founded in 2017 by Kevin Skompinski, serving to create a way to make sure that every item people order can arrive at them as discreet as possible. We serve as a shipment processor, where people can ship their packages to us via a unique address, we double-box the package to cover up any external logos, return labels, packing slips, holes; anything that can act as identifying information and can be used to signal what’s in the box. Then we ship the plain box out to the customer so it will arrive completely discreet, and nobody but the customer would be able to figure out what’s in the package.

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